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Fake CV

Lying on your CV involves many risks. Not only do you not get the job, or lose it if you was already hired, but also you can expect further consequences if you have falsified some information or even the entire CV. With a fake CV, you will not get far in most cases. But where does a fake CV start and what consequences can you expect?

Fake CV: Where does it start?

From a very critical point of view, one could probably say that almost every CV includes some (white) lies. A small improvement here, a very positive formulation there, and maybe even a skill that is desired by the employer and that you sell as a particular strength, even if you only have basic knowledge in this area.

To present the best version of yourself is part of the application, so the question is: Where does positive formulation/slight exaggeration stop? And where does the dangerous area of falsification begin? A difficult distinction, which is usually on an individual basis only. Normally, you do not have to expect serious consequences just because you have a good understanding of how to use a software in your resume, even though you have used it a few times and you only know its basic functions.

However, you should be very careful about real lies, misstatements, invented qualifications or degrees in the CV. A fake biography in this way is no small matter, but a big problem. And as soon as the fraud is discovered – which sooner or later will happen – you face serious consequences that do not just affect the current employment relationship.

Why are CVs forged?

Candidates who falsify their CV always pursue the goal of getting a job for which they are not sufficiently qualified. Employers have high expectations and, in some cases, candidates absolutely must meet some requirements in order to be considered for a job vacancy at all. If, for example, the final grade is simply not enough, because the company is looking for top candidates only, the temptation to adjust the number after the decimal point for the dream job can be great.

The strong competition in the job market aggravates the situation. It is always about being better than the others. This does not only apply to the job, but already in the application phase. What happens if after umpteen applications, the candidate is rejected once again with the words ‘Unfortunately, we have decided on another candidate ‘…? The despair can be deep and make temptation even greater.

In addition to these motives, there are also cases in which a forged CV can be explained by criminal intentions. Scammers create an entire fake CV to get a well-paid job – even when others are damaged by the lack of qualification.

Consequences of a fake CV

As soon as he has spotted a fake CV, the employer will consider how to deal with the situation. The first consequence is almost always termination without notice. It does not matter whether the employee has even performed well in the job and the boss was always very satisfied with him/her.

A counterfeit CV is a fraudulent act that allows the company to terminate the employment contract immediately, even if the fake information only becomes apparent after years of collaboration. However, if your employer chooses to exhaust all opportunities, termination of the contract is a relatively minor problem.

For example, a company may require repayment of the salary and thus claim damages. Over a period of several years, huge sums of money are quickly collected that have to be repaid if the employer can prove how he was harmed by the work. If an employee has invented a complete degree, he may be required to pay in full.

To make matters worse, making a fake CV is also punishable. Once documents are changed, it is document forgery and in the worst case, this can even lead to a jail term. If you specify a title or degree that you do not have, you are liable to penalties.

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